Kyouko Mogami

最上 キョーコ

Birthday: December 25 Age: 16-17 (in the story so far) Height: 163 cm Blood type: B Kyouko's life has always known only one aim—to please others. Be it her mother who didn't care much for her, or Sho's family, who took her in after she was abandoned. Suddenly, childhood friend Sho asks country bumpkin Kyouko if she wants to go to the city with him. He aims to be a big star and wishes for her support. When he commits an unthinkable crime to Kyouko's frail self-esteem, he awakens another side in her. She changes from being an innocent girl to a woman full of the desire of revenge toward the man that used her like a stepping stone; but she didn't know that, in her way to making him suffer and cry at her feet, she would begin a whole new life into the show business and find herself having a great talent and love towards acting. Now Kyouko is some sort of cute, joyful, and full-of-purpose woman...while also being a "woman who holds grudges" and acts in some crazy and unexpected ways, although she is still not able to recognize her own value and talent, and even less the way other people see her. In the manga, while not aware of her talent, Kyouko is very protective of her love life as she is also very dense with people's word with her. She's afraid to love again due to Fuwa Shou abandoning her. Tsuruga Ren as her senpai is in very close relationship to her and might as well be in love with her. On the other side Shou wants his existence in her life to be the biggest for he knows that Kyouko won't forgive him so easily. During the shooting for "Dark Moon" she encounters 'Vie Ghoul' a band out to destroy Shou. The vocalist Reino was interested in Kyouko and the trouble begins.