Kyouko Touno


Also Known As:

  • Anko

Age: 17 Birth date: February 27 Birthplace: Tokyo Bloodtype: A Kyouko is the Editor-in-Chief of Magami's Newspaper club whom Kyouichi labels a stalker. She goes by the nickname "Anko" and hopes to become a star reporter. A curious and determined girl, Kyouko is always out to get the scoop on Tatsuma and his group's actions. Sensing that the main characters may be hiding something, she tails them and ultimately witnesses them using their powers. Landing in the thick of things, she becomes a part of their team, and often helps by providing information regarding the incidents happening around the city. She has extensive information on everything thanks to her good research skills. Kyouko is fond of Aoi Misato since their middle school days, but she soon becomes good friends with Komaki Sakurai, too. It is shown towards the end of the second season that she has a crush on Kyouichi. Kyouko is a descendant of Kyouka Touno from the game Tokyo Majin Gakuen: Gehouchou, who was also a journalist. (Source: Wikipedia, original video game data)