Kyoutarou Suga

須賀 京太郎

Also Known As:

  • Kyou-chan

A first year student and one of the new recruits for the Kiyosumi Mahjong club, but is not as talented as the rest of the members due to the fact that he is new to the game. As such, he is sent to perform menial tasks more than actually practice. He is attracted to Nodoka due to her physique but so far these feelings are unrequited by Nodoka. He is constantly abused by Yuuki but pays no attention to her pranking ways. He is close with Saki since he has known her since Middle School, but tends to use her to get small things, such as a Ladies' Lunch. Nonetheless, he cares for all of his fellow club members and most likely doesn't mind helping them out, despite being harassed by most of the members.