Lachesis Fatima

ファティマ ラキシス

Lachesis is the 44th masterpiece of famed Fatima Meight, Dr. Chrome Ballanche. When Lachesis was still a child, before undergoing her final programming cycle during her maturation, she revealed to Dr. Ballanche that she wished to be with Ladios Sop. Ballanche told her it was possible but for it to be he must re-make her. Lachesis agreed and thus she was made specifically for Amaterasu. After this transformation, Lachesis became unique among both humans and fatimas. Special DNA provided by the LED dragon was grafted into hers and the result is her body is able to develop into the form it most needs to be. Her current form is that of an adolescent female, but her final form will be that of a goddess of destiny. Lachesis is not equipped with the mind control restriction required by law and thus is highly illegal. Lachesis is a very playful individual, an indication that she is not fully mature, and her favorite "playmate" is the FEMC jester, Spector. Together they are the terror of Mirage Palace, playing pranks on any and all who get in their way. As Amaterasu’s partner, she has full command of the Knight of Gold. Her capabilities as a fatima are unknown but her ability must be at least equal to that of Atropos and, more likely, closer to that of Clotho. On the occasion of Ballanche’s death, Amaterasu-no-Mikoto III, former Queen of Greece, named Lachesis as a princess of the Amaterasu family, dubbing her Gibih Lachesis Fanatic B Amaterasu Guiress. Lachesis is considered 2nd in line to the throne of the AKD in the event that something happens to the emperor. All of the Mirage Knights protect Lachesis as if she were their queen and a command from her is treated as if it were from the emperor’s own lips. (Source: GEARS Online)