Ladios Sopp


A young engineer aiming to become the Galaxy's most accomplished meister. His feminine-like beauty rivals his superior technical skills. A close friend of Dr. Ballanche, he has known Lachesis and her sisters since they were children, and at that time promised Lachesis that he would her an MH of gold. On his mission to rescue Lachesis from the clutches of Juba Barbaim in 2988, he makes acquaintance of many interesting influential people throughout the galaxy. Ladios Sopp is in fact an alias of Amaterasu-no-Mikado, also known as the god of light. Amaterasu has achieved eternal youth, in addition to a number of supernatural abilities. He commands the Galaxy's most powerful group of temple knights, the Mirages, and pilots the MH Knight of Gold. In the end, he entrusts his battle cruiser, The Will and the Galaxy to a fledgling new political order and departs the entire star cluster. After a journey of 5,670,000,000 years, he is reunited with Lachesis.