Laffinty Fin E Ld Si

フィン・エ・ルド・スイ・ラフィンティ, ラン

Also Known As:

  • Lan

Age: 16 Affiliation: Le Garite, Jersey Club, Pharos Ovid: Vox Rympha (Orca) Note: her name is written as Lan, not Ran. Source An alien from the planet Le Garite, who was sent to protect Madoka and the aircraft. She is not used to earth culture and often picks up terms from the strangest sources. She was initially unable to properly utilize her Vox unit as the knowledge of a supposed fate concerning Vox pilots caused her to become afraid. However, Madoka helps her overcome her fear and she becomes able to use her Vox unit, Vox Rympha, which she names Orca. She is jealous of Muginami, who shows a lot of interest in Madoka, which leads to her to join the Jersey Club and begin living with Madoka. Due to her luxurious upbringing as princess of the planet Le Garite, Lan has little understanding of the commoners' lifestyle.