Like Netto, Laika is also a Net Savior. Unlike Netto, he takes his job very very seriously and depends solely on the traditional means of net navi battling. Laika absolutely despises Cross Fusion, thinking it as of unwanted technology that is not needed. Laika comes from the country of Sharo, and operates the net navi Searchman. As his attitude suggests, he considers himself a far better Net Savior than Netto. He repeatadly comments on how Japan's Net Saviors are weak minded and useless. It takes Netto a long struggle to finally earn a shred of respect from him, when his navi Rockman saves Searchman from the Dark Loid Desertman with Soul Unison. Even though Laika starts out as a tough nut, as usual Netto's friendly demeanor whittles away at his stone exteriour. Eventually Laika comes to respect Netto in the same way Enzan does. Surprisingly, Laika even bends out to accept Cross Fusion, and gains the ability himself during the series of Stream. (Source: Rockman.exe Online)