Lal'C Melk Mark

Also Known As:

  • Larc
  • Princess

The current holder of the top kill score among Topless pilots, Lal'C, along with fellow pilots Nicola and Tycho, is part of the so-called "Idol" group (pilots with exceptionally high kill rates). She is also the current pilot of Buster Machine Dix-Neuf, the oldest buster machine still in operation. Nicknamed "princess" by her teammates, Lal'C is outwardly cool and self-confident -- traits that draw Nono's admiration for her, much to her initial annoyance. It is Lal'C who helps induct Nono (with some indirect assistance from Nicola) into the Fraternity as an "auxiliary member", despite the fact that Nono manifests none of the traits associated with being a Topless. While initially bothered by Nono's hero-worship of her, Lal'C gradually gets used to her company, to the point where she can talk about things she wouldn't normally tell anyone. She senses some potential in Nono, and admires the girl's never-give-up attitude a little (though she might act otherwise), but doubts if guts and perseverance alone can make the girl's dreams come true. (Source: Wikipedia)