Lamia Loveless


Also Known As:

  • W17

Lamia Loveless is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In canon, she pilots the Angelg. Her name originates from the lamia, a Greek mythological creature. Age: Unknown Status/Rank: 2nd Lieutenant Affiliation: Shadow Mirror (formerly), ATX Team (OG2), Aggressors (OG Gaiden) Lamia has appeared in the following games: * Super Robot Wars Advance - Protagonist, with own selectable storyline or non-playable enemy character, depending on player selection * Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2 - Playable character * Super Robot Wars Original Generations - Playable Character & Non-playable enemy character * Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden - Playable Character & Non-playable enemy character Personality: When she first appears, Lamia Loveless is known for having a somewhat stilted speech pattern (causing her to have troubles in speaking in the proper grammar) or a stutter. She tends to be very calm and relaxed, but also a bit awkward socially. Her skills as a pilot are exceptional and efficient, and can operate complicated technology with ease. Her gentle beauty creates an atmosphere that makes it hard for other people to approach her. In Original Generation 2, she shares a mutual friendship with fellow ATX Team member, Excellen Browning, addressing her as "Ms. Excell" (Ex-Oneesama; literally Dear Sister Ex in Japanese) often (although it was really Excellen who suggested that Lamia call her that). She sometimes has trouble understanding human behavior. Lamia also possesses a superhuman level of toughness. Theme: Ash to Ash (code A.T.A.) Source: