Lancia (ラン�ア) is a 25-year-old Mafia criminal initially mistaken as Mukuro Rokudo. Born on December 15, as a child, he was adopted by the leader of a Mafia family in Northern Italy. The same family would later take in a young Mukuro, who periodically mind controls Lancia, and even makes him slay his entire family. Lancia eventually falls under Mukuro's complete control, losing his will to fight and forgetting his own name, and is soon captured and jailed. After Tsuna defeats him and Mukuro, he is freed from the latter's control, and is taken away by the Vendicare. He returns to Japan during the Vongola Tournament, defeating most members of the Varia's lower members, and being revealed as the strongest person in Northern Italy. Apparently, he became sensitive to Mukuro's thoughts due to being possessed by him so many times. He leaves for Italy after giving Tsuna his own family's ring. Lancia uses a giant steel ball and chain as his primary weapon, which he launches at the enemy using palm thrusts. Due to the ball's snake-like engravings on the surface, it can track and redirect air currents that create a vortex, sucking in whatever is near, and allowing Lancia to change its rotation in mid-air. He is voiced by Takeshi Maeda in the anime. (Source: Wikipedia)