Latune Subbota


Also Known As:

  • Latooni
  • Lat
  • Latune 11

14-year-old Latune Subbota is one of the youngest Banpresto original pilots to exist. Her last name, Subbota, means Saturday in several Slavic languages. Close friend Giado Venerdi chose it for her because Venerdi is Friday in Italian, and his girlfriend Garnet's surname is Sunday. Prior to joining the crew of the Hagane, she is extremely withdrawn, and suffers from androphobia and depression, rarely talking to anyone. In some cases, a request would have to be made to her through Giado or Garnet before she would respond. However, she makes up for her lack of communication with her intelligence and battle tactics. After she develops a crush on SRX Team member Ryusei Date, she finds herself becoming more open with other people. In the subsequent Original Generation Gaiden, Ryusei's influence makes itself obvious in Latune's newfound tendency to shout grandiose attack names, whenever she pilots different machines. While less withdrawn than she was in her first appearances, Latune is quiet and thoughtful. She rarely allows her emotions to interfere with her duties unless the people dearest to her are involved. She is at her most candid with her parental figures Giado and Garnet, and feels relaxed around Ryusei and keeps in touch with him, despite their assignments keeping them apart. She is also friends with SRX Team member Mai Kobayashi, despite the latter also having mutual affections for Ryusei. The opaque glasses she originally wears are actually used to analyze information and retrieve data. After befriending and assigned as the bodyguard to Princess Shine Hausen, she no longer wears them. The Original Generations remake retcons this; Shine purchases a pair of transparent, vanity glasses and Latune is always seen wearing them. As part of an attempt to help her become more social, Garnet decides to change Latune's outfit into the style of a gothic lolita, leaving quite an impression on her teammates. Though Latune would eventually switch back into her uniform, Hiryu Custom executive officer Sean Webley orders her to remain in the outfit at all times. In the animated Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars, Latune would only wear Garnet's outfit twice in the series. As well, Original Generations, as a plot continuity, follows the footsteps of Divine Wars. Latune Subbota was one of the children used as a test subject at a pilot training academy known only as The School. She was the 11th member of the Latune-class, and was known only by her designation, Latune 11. Although the training and conditioning at The School was harsh on the young girl, she managed to make friends with fellow classmates Bronzo 27, Bronzo 28, and especially Aurum 1, whom she would look up to the most, being the oldest and experienced of the group. Eventually, the Latune series was deemed a failure, and by this time, Latune 11 was the only survivor. One day, during piloting training, Latune's unit was shot down, crashing in a remote area outside of The School environment. Presumed dead by the facility, she was, however, still alive, and was rescued by Giado Venerdi and Garnet Sunday, a pair of Earth Federation Army pilots. Although they were never able to adopt Latune, they treated her as their own daughter, and gave her the surname Subbota. Latune would later enter the military herself, enrolling with Giado and Garnet, probably because they were the only people able to bring her out of her reserved shell. The three were designated to the Izu Base in Japan, where they fought alongside the SRX Team, and were eventually assigned to the Hagane during its mission to destroy the Divine Crusaders' main headquarters at Aiodenus Island. During the course of the Divine Crusaders War, and the clean-up actions following immediately after, Latune would find herself facing Dr. Adler Koch, one of her former instructors at The School, and a primary source of the misery she suffered there. With the help of her teammates, however, Latune was finally able to lay that part of her past to rest, as well as the doctor himself. After the end of the DC War, Latune would be assigned to act as a bodyguard for the rescued princess Shine Hausen, of the Dukedom of Riksent. After the war against the Aerogaters, Latune expressed a desire to find other children who survived The School. She was also recruited by Kai Kitamura into the newly reformed Aggressors team, alongside Raidiese F. Branstein. While testing the new Wild Falken, the Neo Divine Crusaders would attack the team, attempting to steal the Wild Falken. Among the group were Bronzo 27 and 28, now going by the names Seolla Schweizer and Arado Balanga, respectively. Although they were surprised to find each other, Seolla performed her duty, forcing Latune out of the Wild Falken, injuring her in the process, and taking it herself. Latune is accused of collaborating with the enemy, but the charge is quickly dropped when the other Aggressors and members of the ATX Team speak up for her. The children would clash again in combat, each determined to "rescue" the other(s) from their respective sides in the conflict. Latune would gain the upper hand on Seolla, but when she tried to disable Seolla's mech, Arado suddenly flew into the line of fire, taking the hit himself. The attack struck his machine in a critical spot, destroying it, but he managed to survive when the cockpit was thrown clear by the explosion, and recovered by the crew of the Hagane. Although Latune was happy to at least have rescued Arado, their reunion is short-lived, as Arado is taken to the moon for physical and psychological evaluation by Radha Bairaban. Eventually, Arado would return to Latune, and the two of them would continue to try to rescue Seolla and Ouka from the Neo Divine Crusaders. In the animated Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation, Latune, together with Kusuha Mizuha, Lamia Loveless, Arado, and Seolla were abducted by the Bartolls, controlled by the ODE System, intended to be used as a biological core for the machines. She would be put into a manned Bartool unit, and be rescued by Ryusei. (Source: Wikipedia)