Layla Hamilton


Layla is an accomplished and seasoned performer. She is a stubborn character and plays an antagonist-like role in the beginning of the story, but like many of the other characters, she befriends Sora. Layla is the daughter of Mr. Hamilton, a wealthy hotel chain owner; he would prefer Layla to be an actress and is frequently trying to push her into doing so. Layla eventually stands up to her father and rejoins the circus; she loves the Kaleido Stage because she clearly remembers how her deceased mother enjoyed going there. At the end of the first season, after attempting the great Mystical Act and seriously injuring her shoulder Layla gives up the circus and retires to Broadway. Though in the second season she comes back to stage to challenge Sora for the Angel's Act for the production Swan Lake and at the end returns to Off Broadway. Somewhere on season 1, someone performs to be a "Mystery Star", but can you guess who?