One of the 12 White Angels. He is known as Lector the Pure White by the Holy Empire. He rose in power after influencing the Emperor, who seeks for long life, through Astrology. In the end, he led the Emperor to his own death in the North Ice zone of Albion in the Castle of Palladium or Paradium. [Source: Wikipedia] Like the other 11 white angels, Lector is obsessed with physical perfection, especially when it comes to himself, going completely mental when Aurthur manages to put a scratch on his face. He and the other white angels were responsible for destroying the world several times over, as the beings they created didn't measure up to their idea of prefection. They see humans, elves, giants, and dragons as failed creations, not worthy to be in their presence or even be alive. After Arawn and Pwyll create the barrier to keep the white angels from being able to interfere with the world anymore, it is centuries before they are able to penetrate it and send Lector down to the surface alone. He then helps create the Holy Empire, with he uses to help bring about his plan to destroy the barrier so that the white angels can reset the world again.