Leina Ashta


Gender: Female Genetic Type: Newtype Era: Universal Century Birthdate: March 3, 0077 Age: 10 Hair: Dark Brown Eye: Green Family: Judau Ashta (Brother) Nationality: Side 1 (Shangri-La) Affiliation: Anti Earth Union Group Occupation: Student The title heroine of the show. You can usually find the two siblings arguing over something as small as Judau leaving the toilet seat up. But it's all good. Unfortunately, she gets captured by Gremmy Toto and receives "culture" from him whilst Judau keeps going in to rescue her. When Leina finally does get rescued, she also gets shot at and blown up. She's surprisingly tough though; being treated by (a secret guest appearance) and finally returning to Judau in the end. Younger sister of Judau.