Leon Kuwata

桑田 怜恩

Height: 175cm
Weight: 67kg
Chest: 80cm
Birthday: January 3
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Specialty: Super High School Level Baseball Player

Leon is a passionate, hot-blooded young man. He often slacks off from studying and baseball training. However, he never encountered any problem with his attitude due to his status as Super High-School Level Baseball Player. Leon is also very determined to change his current title to ‘Super High-School Level Musician' to win a heart of a girl that he happened to meet at the hair salon. Later, Leon himself states that he somewhat missed playing baseball; something that he used to do every time since he was young. He even invites Naegi to play baseball with him once they get out of their current situation.

He is the first one to be executed after killing Sayaka who tried to kill him. His execution is being tied to a pole and hit with thousands of baseballs until he finally dies.



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