Also Known As:

  • Reona

Leona is the princess of Papnika. She is training to be a sage and is well-versed in the magic arts. Her country comes to near destruction after the return of Hadlar by the hands of Hyunkel, who she forgives and sentences to become a "true disciple of Avan." Her father is missing and presumed dead, leaving her in control of rebuilding her kingdom and helping in the fight against the Ultimate Demon King. She is friends with Dai, although it is hinted Dai feels something more for her. Leona is proficient in both Mera type spells and Hyado type spells, however she is best at healing spells such as Behoma, which she utilizes effectively in the fight against Baran. She was never taught by Avan, however later on in the series, she becomes an official member of Avan's disciples when she inherits the 5th mark of Avan from the Queen of Carl, Flora.