Leona Garstein


Age: 18 Her ranking is a Second Lieutenant. She is from the Branstein family houses Garstein family branch, and is Rai's cousin. She graduted with top scores in her piloting classes. She is calm, prideful, and her nature is strong. Her skills as a pilot is first class, too. She belonged to the colonies "Troye Unit." She is presuaded to join the Hiryuu Kai during one of the later battles in the DC war. She currently belongs to Katina's squad, and her call sign is Octo 3. She appears to have a cold attitude, but she's always worrying about Tasuku. She's not a very good cook, but this didn't stop Tasuku from eating her food, which resulted in him fainting. After the war with the Aerogators, she went back to the Icarus base, located in the asteroid belt. Six months later, she rejoins the Hiryuu Kai, and returns to the Earth sphere.