Also Known As:

  • Levi

Title: Varia Officer Gender: Male Age: 23, 33 in the future Weapon: Eight sword-like parabolas Box Animal: Torpedine Fulmine (Lightning Sting-Ray) Flame: Lightning Date of Birth: November 14 Zodiac: Scorpio Blood Type: A Height: 198 cm Weight: 90kg Seiyu: Nakano Yuto Manga Debut: Chapter 90 Anime Debut: Episode 40 Levi is the captain of the attack team that was sent by Xanxus to retrieve the Vongola Rings. It is said that his speed in accomplishing his work is the best in the Varia. He is also extremely loyal to Xanxus. He carries eight parabolas on his back, which are each capable of discharging electricity. His only named attack, "Levi Volta", suspends all eight parabolas around a target and simultaneously discharges. He was chosen as the holder of the Ring of Thunder and thus battled Lambo: though Levi had no problem defeating the 5 and 15-year-old Lambos, he was outmatched by the 25-year-old Lambo. Even so, Lambo eventually reverted back to his 5-year-old self before being able to finish him off. As Levi prepared to deliver the final blow to the unconscious Lambo, Tsuna saves him in the last second. However, since Tsuna intervened, Levi won the right to Ring of Thunder, along with Xanxus winning the right to the Ring of the Sky. Leviathan represents the sin of envy, it is the demon of envy in Goetic scripture.