Leylia had cared for Ghim after he had been seriously injured. She and Ghim had grown to be quite close...until a dark force came from out of nowhere and snatched Leylia away. The Leylia Ghim sees next is not Leylia but rather the vessel of Karla. Ghim is outraged, but he becomes convinced that he can free Leylia from the ghost. He would ulitmately give his life to free hers. Upon her return with Slayn, Leylia then discovers that the crisis is not yet over, and she sets out with Slayn to help. She wishes to atone for the evils she committed while Karla possessed her. At the same time, she appreciates Slayn's company. As they cross Flaim, she and Slayn are stunned by a stunning flash of light. Deedlit had guided them to him so that he may be saved. When Leylia realizes that Deedlit had been taken away, she realized what Wagnard is planning, for only the power of an eternal High Elf can revive Kardis.