Li Ren Fang

倣 立人(ファン・リーレン)

In exchange for Li Ren becoming Kajika's watchdog for the duration of the "husband game," Harry offers Li Ren a stronger business relationship between Burnsworth and Fang. Li Ren will also be asked to give Harry his opinions on each candidate and Kajika's feelings towards them. Li Ren accepts the verbal contract for the sake of the Fang Group. In the past, Li Ren has always acted like a big brother to Kajika. Both had known each other since they were children, Li Ren visiting the island where Kajika lived 2-3 times a year for the past 10 years. Li Ren is a calm, collected, and shrewd businessman who often suppresses his real feelings with a business-like politeness and smiling mask. He can be ruthless to people he doesn't like, but when it comes to those he cares for he can be very kind. When it comes to Kajika, Li Ren will lose control of his emotions and make reckless decisions. Equip with a sharp, at times cruel, tongue Li Ren seems outwardly to enjoy sadistic teasing (especially towards Toranosuke). Inwardly, Li Ren is a masochist who buries his emotions so well he completely loses himself. He can be seen as cold and distant, never having shed a tear even as a child when his mother died. Li Ren was once described by Fred Burnsworth as a "fragile" human being who lacked the strength needed for a career in the harsh business world. Li Ren's superior intelligence making him a sad child, who wasn't even aware of his unhappiness, because he understood things that even adults were best left not understanding. He desperately wants to be loved, but is afraid to admit it. In the early parts of the story, Li Ren starts off 19-year-old, although, he acts much older. He lost his mother at the age of 5 and his father at the age of 13. He has been raised his entire life to only think about the well-being of the Fang Clan above all else and has lived a life determined for him by the 5 elders of the Fang Clan, who he calls his uncles. Considered a true prodigy, Li Ren is chosen as the leader of the Fang clan at the young age of 13. Working in the adult and ruthless world of business, Li Ren immersed himself in refining all aspects of his skills as a businessman and leader. He even went as far as to "study" how to deal with conniving, gold-digging women by having an affair with his now current aunt, Bridgette. At that time, he had been 13-14 years old... It's suggested that before his uncle married Bridgette, Li Ren had used the affair to test whether Bridgette would make a good wife for his uncle. Learning that Bridgette neither loved nor would be faithful to his uncle Li Ren told his uncle about the affair and warned him not to marry Bridgette. His uncle didn't listen to him. Currently, Bridgette has a new lover, Leon Yii, but still harbors hopes of marrying Li Ren and becoming the wife of the leader of the Fang Clan, a more powerful position than that of the wife of one of the 5 Elders. Li Ren seems to be skillful at Chinese Needle technique as well as knife combat and throwing. As the story progresses, he admits to himself that he's somehow dissatisfied with Harry's game and is suspicious of the true nature of the "husband" game. To him, Kajika is a princess whom he treasures the most and has loved more than a little sister since they were kids. He can't stand handing her to other guys. It is Li Ren who discovers what Kajika's secret "destiny" is first and the partial truth behind Harry's "husband" game. Li Ren is not "officially" recognized by Harry as a husband candidate, but his decisions will affect the game. In the end, he and Kajika end up together.