Also Known As:

  • Great Pirate

An infamous pirate that once laid waste to the Continent's coastal waters. She is the granddaughter of the Pirate Queen Artemis, the writer of the "Pirate Aesthetics", a set of rules which Liliana follows. She was attacked by the sea monster Kraken, and met her end in a watery grave. She was later resurrected by the Swamp Witch to become the leader of her undead army in her plot to take over the Continent. Despite being a scoundrel, she has elegant manners like a noble, which is one of the rules from the Aesthetics. She also has a weakness for elderly people, treating them with great care. She has the ability to summon flying pirate ship and its phantom crew members through the Swamp Witch's power. However, it becomes a crumbling phantom ship over time, later disappearing. She fights using a rapier and a hand crossbow as her weapons. Created by Haruyuki Morisawa. (Source: