Lilica Evette

Of all of the characters, Lilica received the most amount of changes from her previous version. While the other characters do share at least one personality trait similar with their previous version, Lilica has only her name in common with the Lilica of Burn Up W and Excess. The previous incarnation of Lilica was a cheerfully energetic computer and tech expert. This Lilica is more of a shy, insecure, and slightly clumsy psychic, but when she gets drunk, she becomes more uninhibited and somewhat daffy. Appearance wise, Lilica was changed greatly as well. The previous Lilica was flat-chested and sported pink hair, as well as being quite short. The new Lilica is around the same height as Rio, has a figure to match, and has short orange hair and a tanned complexion. She also looks up to Rio, addressing her with the honorific 'sempai'. Because of the possible danger her powers present, Lilica is outfitted with magnetic wrist and ankle restraints, which are often reserved for the most dangerous of felons. However, because of positive interaction with others (especially with Rio), Lilica's powers have now increased, and these restraints are now useless. Lilica's powers are many. One of these is a modified dowsing technique, using a crystal pendant to locate potential felons by using a map. Another is a form of automatic writing, except it is a drawing. Although the drawing usually appears as meaningless scribble, a clue to a crime or potential crime could be found within the lines. (source: Wikipedia)