Lintence Haden


Heaven's Blade Format: Gloves As one of the 12 wielders of the Heaven Blades, Lintenss utilizes a pair of gloves that can control multiple golden threads. He has a very serious and to-the-point personality. A flashback showed that he helped train Layfon. He was later fighting with a large Filth Monster attacking the city along with the rest of the wielders, minus Savalith, who was defeated by Layfon after he tried to kill him. Lintenss was also informed along with the rest of the Heavenly Blade Wielders that Layfon has regained his blade. After the battle, he retrieved Layfon's Heaven Blade. In the novel, it is revealed that Lintenss taught Layfon the basic to use steel threads, though there was some kind of mutual law between Heaven Blades to each other because they had to become stronger alone. Lintenss has stated he acknowledges Layfon as his only apprentice. In the past, he was overwhelmed by Layfon's shocking learning rate to learn Kei-related techniques of all kinds just by observation. The Chrome Shelled Regios artbook shows his given name to be written as Lintenss.