Lio Convoy


Also Known As:

  • Leo Prime

Originally a brave and noble Maximal commander, after his ship was attacked by a group of renegade Predacons led by Galvatron, Lio Convoy was dispatched to pursue the Predacons and bring them to justice. Chasing them to the planet Gaia (in reality a future Earth), Lio Convoy was injured by the fields of Angolmois energy (similar to the energon fields in Beast Wars). He was then rescued by a white lion, whose form he scanned to give him a beast mode for protection. However, believing him to be dying the Matrix had copied itself into another Maximal: Lio Junior, who came to think of himself as Lio Convoy's son. After many adventures to prevent Galvatron from gaining the Angolmois energy, Lio Convoy would meet his foe one last time on the Nemesis, a planet-sized warship Galvatron intended to use to suck the energy out of planets. As his team sabotaged the Nemesis from within Lio Convoy and Galvatron clashed for the last time. Unable to defeat his Angolmois charged enemy, the two Matrixes combined their powers to merge Lio Convoy and Lio Junior, allowing them to defeat the insane Galvatron. Enraged by this defeat Galvatron set his own Matrix to self-destruct the Nemesis. Although the Maximals survived the explosion, they became trapped inside a wormhole. (From Wikipedia)