Liz Ricarro


Position: Defender Nationality: Puerto Rican Age: 16 years old Gender: Female Height: 172cm Weight: 50kg An orphan whose only family is her teammates and her coaches, Liz is Team Satomi's defender. Very loud, busty and hot-tempered she generally behaves like a tomboy. Liz is very dedicated to IGPX as it was something she fit in with. It is revealed in episode 6, "Cat vs. Dog", that Liz dislikes animals, especially dogs. She is also an avid martial artist, always practicing her Kung Fu (Capoeira in the microseries) and quoting Confucius. Takeshi's contrasting attitude and antics on and off the track are always annoying her, but it is because she feels he's never being 'honest' with her about his feelings.