Lizzie Garland


Claudia's personal bodyguard (and childhood friend). Commands the organization's shocktroops during missions (ie.: during shipments, etc.) After the climax of episode 10, Zwei becomes the new phantom with Lizzie as his partner. She grows a fondness for Zwei and aids him when he picks up Cal Devens from the Bloodie's turf. After Zwei runs away from Inferno, Lizzie is assigned as the partner of the next phantom, Drei ( Cal Devens ). Though she wishes to keep to Zwei's wishes and keep Cal refrained from being trained as an assassin, Cal refuses and continues working for Inferno as a link to striking revenge upon Zwei. When Cal kidnaps Mio in Japan, Lizzie attempts to stop her. Playing the game with the pocket watch, Lizzie is unable to pull the trigger for such a close person of hers and zwei's, and is consequently shot dead by Cal.