Rolan Cehack


Also Known As:

  • Laura Rolla

Age: 17 Born: November 2, 2328 C.C. Nationality: Moonrace Rolan Cehack is the main character of the series and the pilot of the eponymous mobile suit, WD-M01 Turn A Gundam. Rolan and his friends Keith and Fran are secretly sent to Earth by Dianna Soreil in advance of her main colonial force, to ensure that Moonrace settlers can still survive there. The three of them separate upon landing and integrate themselves into the Terran population. He is a very loyal person, believing throughout the series that queen Dianna would do the right thing. He is also able to adjust to most situations very easily. Rolan is saved from drowning by Sochie and Kihel Heim soon after parting with Keith and Fran. The wealthy Heim family takes him on as a limousine driver and quickly discovers his skills as a mechanic. Rolan loves his new life on Earth and chooses to take part in a coming-of-age ceremony to become a true member of his community. His effeminate looks earn him the nickname "Laura," which he eventually uses as an alias. Rolan discovers the Turn A Gundam during the first attack by the Moonrace's Dianna Counter. He uses it to support the Earth Militia and tries to foster negotiations between the Earth and the Moon, though he would much rather have the Turn A Gundam perform domestic chores than fight battles. Rolan is torn between his desire to protect his Earthrace friends from the Moonrace military, and his belief that the Moonrace should be allowed to settle on Earth. Even so, he is unwaveringly faithful to Queen Dianna Soreil and her dream of peaceful colonization.