Lua Klein


Ladd's lover and fiancée. She is fair-haired and beautiful, despite sporting a somewhat vacant (albeit serene) expression. She is completely devoted to Ladd and is likely a masochist, as she seems to take pleasure in his promise that he will be the one to kill her. She is completely devoted to Ladd, who says that "after everyone else, the last one he will kill will be her." She was present on the Flying Pussyfoot incident, where Ladd sacrificed a hand to save her. Lua is very calm and gentlewoman-like, and her love for Ladd is pure as she would put her life in danger for his sake. In the original light novels, Ladd mentions to Firo while in jail that Lua enjoys putting together blank jigsaw puzzles and painting a picture on them once they are completed; however; she breaks them and blankly laughs at them afterwords.