Luca is the leader of a band of prostitutes at Albion. Red-haired and fiercely loyal to her charges, she is romantically linked to the Holy Iron Chain Knight Jerome. When Jerome gave her a necklace of pearls, she divided them evenly among her girls, believing that they could only survive the hysteria of the heretic hunts by eliminating any cause for jealousy. Luca took in the wayward Casca, calling the mute former Hawk commander Elaine. She covered Casca's face in bandages, pretending that Casca had contracted syphilis. When the cowardly prostitute Nina visited the nearby goat worshiping cult, and she threatened to turn Luca over to the worshipers, Luca smacked and then spanked the blond haired girl, causing her to submit. When Pepe, one of her prostitutes, was accused of heresy, Luca came to her defense. Luca and Pepe were saved from arrest by a timely appearance by Guts. When Guts discovered that Luca had seen Casca, Luca attempted to reunite him with Casca, but she could not since Nina had taken the mute girl to the cult. When Casca and Nina were taken to Mozgus, Luca bribed a guard to allow her to enter the monastery. While Guts was looking for Casca, Luca released Nina from her imprisonment. After Isidro challenged Mozgus to release Casca, one of the priest's torturers attacked, causing Luca to fall. Nina grabbed Luca and tried to hold her, but Luca let go. Luca was spared injury because she was caught by the Skull Knight. She then met the Egg of the Perfect World, who explained his purpose to her. When Albion was being overrun by monsters, Luca hid Nina in a barrel and herself in as well. As a result, Luca and Nina survived the carnage.