Pacifier: Orange Element: Sky Animal: Squirrel * pronounced "lu-che" * means "light" in Italian Luce, the holder of the Orange pacifier, is shown to have been a pregnant woman who is the grandmother of Uni, who is the boss of the Millefiore, and second-in-command of the Millefiore family when it is under the control of Byakuran. What we already know: - Luce is Uni's grandmother. (confirmed in manga chapter 254) - Uni, leader of the Giglio Nero branch (Black Spell of Millefiore), wears clothes exactly like hers. - Upon the death of the previous leader, Uni quite suddenly appears, wearing the orange pacifier, and is declared new leader of the branch. - Recent manga tankobon information: Luce is Aria's mother, Aria is Uni's mother. Aria is the name of the Giglio Nero head before Uni. All three have the marks on the left cheek. Reborn says: - She has a mysterious power of manipulating/using light (or having clear and enhanced insight, much like Tsuna, depending on the translation) - In the present time she is missing. (The pacifier is currently with Aria, the present Giglio Nero boss at the time of the Arcobaleno trials.) (Source: Wikipedia, khrarcobaleno.wordpress)