Luigi Yoshida


Also Known As:

  • Gino
  • Prince

Position: MF Age: 26 years old Height: 176cm Weight: 64kg Blood type: B Jersey: #10 Luigi Yoshida plays Midfield for East Tokyo United. Of half-Japanese and half-Italian descent; known as the "Prince" among ETU teammates because of his ingenious playmaking ability and his often narcissitic attitude. He is also called "Gino", which is the name on his jersey. He likes Maserati cars. Gino uses Akasaki and Tsubaki as his Zakki (Guard Dog) and Bakki (Stupid hunting dog), working well with them on field. Neither Akasaki or Tsubaki have shown any issues with their designations, although the hot-headed Akasaki is not above directed sarcastic comments at Gino concerning his narcissism. Tsubaki on the other hand, is in complete awe of Gino and his skills. While Gino was always the centre of ETU's offence, it was only under Tatsumi that he began to play to his full potential. During the friendly against Tokyo Victory, Goto noted that while previously Gino preferred to touch the ball as little as possible was now playing the part of a play-maker. Thus indicating that Gino was not ETU's playmaker in the past. What caused Gino to change is unclear. Gino has stated that he found Tatsumi's tactics to be fun. Gino's change of attitude might also have something to do with Akasaki and Tsubaki. Even though Gino and Akasaki have been in the team together for two years, Gino only took notice of Akasaki during the camp when Akasaki started standing upto Kuroda and voicing his opinion more forcefully. Gino also claims to enjoy sending passes to Tsubaki. Gino has issues with Natsuki and can get ticked-off enough to stop sending him passes. This is a source of great consternation for Natsuki who is not very good at stealing the ball and thus is reliant on assists. Tatsumi has stated this is because for Gino, every single ball he sends to the forwards is a ball that his teammates have poured their hearts into. As such, Gino does not like passing the ball to Natsuki, who has been known to bungle balls and shoot selfishly, without consideration for the flow of the game. (Source: Wikipedia)