Also Known As:

  • Princess of Light

Lulun is the Princess of the Garden of Light. She is said to be the one "who weaves the future." and turns into the Miracle Commune to aid Shiny Luminous. Lulun traveled to the Garden of Rainbows through the Prism Stones to find Pollun. She arrived in the Verone Academy. As she was looking for him, though, her search for Pollun made people believe a ghost was in the school. Lulun eventually finds Pollun as the girls are being manhandled by a Zakenna. After triggering her power, Luminous gains the Heartiel Brooch to protect herself and Pretty Cure defeat the Zakenna. Lulun, like Pollun, is a bit spoiled and acts like a sweet little girl despite her royal status. She's more of a crybaby than her brother, though. If Pretty Cure are in trouble, though, she does what she can to help. As the series goes on, she becomes braver. Lulun looks up to Pollun like a big brother and finds a mother figure in Hikari. She ends her sentences with "-lulu".