Guardian of Water Age: 21 Height: 183cm (6ft) Weight: 67kg (147lb 11oz) Eye Color: deep sea blue Hair Color: silvery blue Birthday: May 3 Sign: Taurus Blood Type: A Origin: an ocean planet Lineage: commoner (father is an artist) Family: father, mother, 2 older brothers, younger sister Nature of Sacrea: medical treatment, healing protective power Messenger Came: age 16 Became a Guardian: age 17 Hobbies: playing the harp, cultivating herbs, water color painting (especially landscapes) Interests: music boxes, going to the outside world Best Friend: Clavis Worst Friend: Oscar Ideal Woman: a gentle woman, a delicate woman who loves music Favorite Scent: the smell of rain Favorite Item: violin Favorite Animal: pretty, small tropical fish Favorite Drink: herb tea Favorite Food: aromatic herb salad, asparagus pasta Disliked Food: foie gras, turkey, fish cooked whole Personality: Delicate, dislikes fighting