Lussuria is a flamboyant martial arts master whose favored style is Muay Thai. His knee is covered with a steel plate, making it ideal for defense, as well as deadly when used for offense. During the Vongola Tournament, he battles Ryohei in a brightly lit boxing ring, and initially has the advantage as he habitually wears sunglasses. After Ryohei destroys the lights and shatters his knee, the rest of the Varia assume his loss, and Gola Moska shoots him in the back, making him unable to continue the fight. Lussuria reappears during the tournament's final battle and is saved by Ryohei. In the future, he can unleash a sun-based peacock that can heal wounds, though it also consequently accelerates a person's hair and nail growth. He was born on April 4. He represents the sin of Lust. His name, Lussuria, is Italian for lust. (Source: Wikipedia)