Lyar von Ertiana

Nationality: Federal Republic of Germany Rank: Lieutenant,Lieutenant Commander Age: 29 Size: 168 cm, 94-59-88 Special Ability: Cocktail Making Weak Point: Marriageable Age A gifted commander and pilot from Germany, Ertiana's goal is to be married by age 30, despite already being 29 and having no current prospects. She was placed in charge of Seraphim and supervises the new cadets, but unofficial word is that she is to be promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred out to command headquarters so that her experience may be put to better use. Hence, the four cadets are reportedly being sent in as candidates to replace her, and trained to that effect. Lyar is eventually promoted in Tragedy of Cherubim, but she has so far continued to serve on Watcher's Nest. Lyar despises LeBlanc, continually suspicious that the head of Alchemy knows far more about the extratemporal monsters known as the Ghoul than he lets on. from wikipedia