Lycoris Forbesii

Lycoris is a clone grown from Nerine's cells and is the second artificial life form created by the gods and devils, and was the girl who had met Rin as children (the one who met Rin was not Nerine, as characters in the anime previously stated). Lycoris and Rin met about 8 years before the start of the storyline and Lycoris fell in love with him. Because Nerine had caught an incurable illness, Lycoris gave her life to save Nerine. Before she gave up her life, however, she told Nerine all about Rin and asked her to see him when she gets better. Following Lycoris' sacrifice, Lycoris' soul integrated with Nerine's and inadvertently also transferred to Nerine her thoughts, talents and wishes, as well as her love for Rin. Lycoris is physically different from Nerine in that they have different eye and hair colors. She is named after the Lycoris genus, which is very similar to the Nerine genus. In a direct opposite of Nerine's name, Lycoris means "sorrowful memories" in hanakotoba.