Age: 15 Date of Birth: July 3 Height: 161 cm Weight: 47 kg Blood Type: B Weapon: Nunchuku Clarinet Flame: Sun (in games) M.M. is one of the only two female members of the Kokuyo Gang. A criminal, she was imprisoned in Vendicare Prison until Mukuro staged a jailbreak and she joined him. She plays a clarinet and uses it both as a mid-range and a close-combat weapon. She uses her Nunchuku Clarinet as a weapon in battle. With her clarinet, she can make microwaves to fry, detonate, and destroy her opponent's body. She is self-centered and only cares about herself, money, and possibly Mukuro. She, like Lancia, is also well versed in hand to hand combat. Her Kokuyo uniform is very different than Chrome's. In volume 28 extra, Kokuyo no Ajito, Ken stated that she only likes Mukuro is because of his money, which M.M. admitted.