Madoka Amahane

天羽 まどか

Age: 13 (Season 3) Blood type: O Birthday: February 14 Sign: Aquarius Favorite food: Chocolate Madoka is a rookie idol known for her soft, cute smile who was accepted into Starlight School in April. She's a sweet, yet unexpectedly firm girl, whose shown to be a tease around her friends. Madoka actually has a lack of self-confidence in how she performs, like at the debut live for Skips♪ or when she asks her grandmother for a premium rare dress. A notable trait of hers is that she is very honest, which is often noted by her friends. Madoka has mid-length length bubblegum pink hair tied up into two wavy, twin pigtails. Worn on each tie are half of an angel wing on its respective side. Her eyes are cerulean. (Source: Aikatsu Wikia)