Madoka Kido

城戸 円

Madoka is the other half of 2-C's first official couple. It seems that she has already experienced kissing before. She is really friendly towards others to the point of being really flirtatious. Her determination for anything she participates in, leads her to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal, even betraying her own boyfriend. Umedu Shigeo: Shigeo is her current boyfriend. Often she can be seen as the dominant partner in this relationship. She was the one to first initiate their first kiss. Her flirtatious attitude seems to cause some misunderstandings between her and Shigeo. Her determination sometimes gets in the way of their relationship such as shooting Shigeo during the survival game even when he said he had no interest in shooting her. The reason for shooting Shigeo was because she really wanted to don a maid uniform and participate in the Tea House.