Madoka Kugimiya

釘宮 円

Seat Number: 11 Born on: 3rd of March, 1989 Star Sign: Pisces Blood Type: AB Hair: Dark Violet Eyes: Green Likes: the gyuudon (beef noodles) at matsuya, silver accessories, western music (lately Avril Lavigne) Dislikes: playboys Notes: obsessed with her own husky voice Clubs: Mahora Cheerleaders Madoka Kugimiya is the serious one of the three cheerleaders in the class. She makes sure that the other cheerleaders (especially Sakurako) do not get into any trouble. She likes gyūdon and silver accessories and generally into Western music (currently is a fan of Avril Lavigne from notes), but hates playboys and is mildly obsessed with her husky voice. Her surname is usually the target of nickname making (which Madoka does not like) from her classmates. During the school festival, she develops a small crush on the teenage form of Kotarou. She has been shown to be very protective of her friends, and especially for Ako, whom she encourages to be more confident. Ironically, she almost got Ako shot when she pressed the shy girl to confess her love for "Nagi" (teenage Negi) in front of an audience during the Live Mahora Concert. Luckily for Ako, and much to Madoka's consternation, she only asked for Nagi's e-mail address. Madoka also takes part in the "Mars vs. Mages" game and is among the first "casualties" (meaning her clothes were blasted off), when she is hit by the robots' strip beams.