Also Known As:

  • Emperor of Destruction

As befits a decorated Warrior-General, Magmatron is capable of both elegant, reasoned judgement and wild, vicious action. Once he has set his sights on a goal, his drive to achieve it is unwavering and he will accept nothing less than total victory. Despite these attributes, and prodigious physical power, Magmatron's greatest advantage often lies in his charismatic leadership. Revered and admired by his soldiers, Magmatron fits the title "Emperor of Destruction" better than most. On the surface, Magmatron seems to have much in common with Megatron. Both are schemers and planners, willing to subvert the established Destron (Predacon in U.S. version) power structure to suit their plans and ultimate ambition for power, and possessing the strength to fight off any who challenge them. Their key difference lies in their relationships to that power structure. Megatron is at heart a rebel, working outside existing society. Magmatron, on the other hand, values his position of power and eminence in the current Destron hierarchy, and though he schemes to someday stand at the top of that body, he is unwilling to risk his current high standings any more than he must to achieve those future goals. Also, while Megatron is more openly abusive and harsh with his troops, Magmatron operates with more military professionalism when interacting with his own soldiers. This aspect of Magmatron's personality may also be due to his more professional background, as opposed to Megatron's more rogue-ish ways. Magmatron possesses a mitotic spark which allows him to separate into three dinosaur forms called Landsaur, Seasaur, and Skysaur, or merge them into a single monstrosity called Magmasaur. (Source: Transformers Wiki, Edited)