Magoichi Saika

雑賀 孫市

Also Known As:

  • Sayaka

Third leader of the Saika Faction, a mercenary force. Doesn't care for money, and only has the Saika Faction take on jobs that will improve their status and standing in Japan. Each member of her faction is united by a deep bond. While most historical representations show Magoichi as a man, the name 'Magoichi' was used for the leader of the Saika and could have referred to a woman as well. She uses a variety of anachronistic firearms as her weapons, including pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and a rocket launcher. Her real name, as revealed in conversations with Motochika, is Sayaka. She holds a grudge against the Toyotomi clan for their previous service to Hideyoshi which, presumably, ended badly.