Maho Misawa

三沢 真帆

Also Known As:

  • Fireworks

Height: 145 cm Style: Raising style Blood type: AB Birthday: July 2nd (Cancer) Class: Grade 6, Class C Position: Power Forward The most energetic member of the team, who is always coming up with ideas that always seem to cause embarrassment for the other girls. She was the first of the girls to befriend Tomoka, as well as the reason Tomoka decided to form the girl's basketball club. She is afraid of the dark. Although she tends to easily lose focus on the game, Maho has great speed and leaping ability, making her a very effective jump shooter. This becomes ultimately useful for the team's main strategy: the One-Center Four-Shooter Offense. It consists of drawing multiple defenders to a single teammate, leaving the others wide open for a jump shot. (Source: Wikipedia)