Maiko Takamizawa


Birthplace: Tokyo Birth date: January 26 Age: 16 Bloodtype: A Maiko is a second year student at Suzuran Nursing School, and an intern nurse at Sakuragaoka Clinic, with Doctor Iwayama, whom she admires greatly. Although a bit of an airhead, she has the ability to see ghosts and cast spiritual barriers. Maiko also has an intense empathy and compassion which allows her to connect with, and soothe, the psychologically damaged. She has an affinity for animals, and is often seem caring for stray pets. Because she is able to see (and ultimately heal) the spirit of Reiji Sagaya's dog, Maiko proves a true help during the Dream World encounter. When he recovers, Sagaya has a crush on her, and the two are eventually seen as a couple, planning their future. (Adapted from Wikipedia, Japan Wikipedia, and original video game data)