Majhal was an alchemist that guest starred in episode four of the anime. Living in a small unnamed town, Majhal was the only alchemist in the area and was a candidate for creating the Philosopher's Stone for the Homunculi, but Lust thought he was just an amateur. Majhal uses an alchemy wristband which has a transmutation circle on it. Edward and Alphonse visited Majhal in question about their missing father after they burnt their home down. During their visit they heard there was a strange zombie resembling the dead villager Karin wandering around the town at night, kidnapping and killing girls. It soon was revealed this Karin was Majhal's lost lover and he tried to resurrect her using girls of the village, alchemically transferring their souls into mannequin versions of Karin so she could be reborn. Unfortunately, none worked out and some even wandered freely until Majhal destroyed them afterwards. Majhal tried his scheme one more time, trying to force Ed and Al to help. However, he was told by Ed that an elderly woman who helped him in his plots was actually Karin, aged. It is later revealed that Karin had not died, but lost her memory after hitting her head when her wagon crashed. Majhal couldn't see his lover in the woman's face and attempted to kill Ed, Al and Karin using a transmuted sword. However, Ed transformed a rose into a whip and sent Majhal's sword flying into the air. Majhal could only watch helplessly as the sword flew down and stabbed him through the stomach, pinning him to the floor. He died, still believing Karin was in heaven