Also Known As:

  • Majo Rina
  • Majorin

Together with Akaoni and Wolfurun, are the three commanders of Bad End Kingdom. Her appearance is that of a witch, and her character is probably based on the witches from fairytales like Hansel and Gretel and Snow White. She ends her sentences with "~dawasa." She has her true form, which she can turn in by saying "Majorina Time!" In her true form, she becomes much younger (around her 20's). Her hair grows to shoulder-length, white and curly, and her eyes are brown, with purple eye shadow. Her lips become purple. She has the body of a model and dresses in a dark red and green outfit, still keeping the cloak, a purple belt, dark red pantyhose and black high heels. Her voice is not hoarse anymore, but deep and seductive. Despite being one time, she could use it a few times during the series, but sometimes she reverts back to old age when the spell runs out.