Maki Ichinose

一之瀬 真樹

Maki Ichinose former member of the 11th Division, under the former captain that Kenpachi Zaraki defeated and replaced. History Introduced in the anime's Bount arc, Maki belonged to the 11th Division until Kenpachi Zaraki killed the previous captain in a duel. Maki refused to acknowledge the new captain and left Soul Society, although he retains his shinigami abilities. While in Soul Society, he shared many ideals with Kaname T�sen. He then traveled the human world, but one day, while in a weakened state in a desert, he fell upon a Hollow who almost killed him. The Hollow was subdued by Jin Kariya, who allowed Maki to kill it. Maki swore his loyalty to Jin after that, breaking the vow only once to fight Zaraki instead of stopping Ichigo and his friends as he was expected to. He helped Kariya and the other Bounts by infiltrating Soul Society and provoking Mayuri Kurotsuchi into helping the Bounts enter. He is severely wounded by Kenpachi Zaraki during their duel, breaking his sword in the process. When he returns to question Kariya's motives and threatens him to help better the Soul Society, he is stabbed and tossed away by Kariya. What's left of his sword is destroyed when it inadvertently saves Ichigo from one of Kariya's lightning attacks, acting as a lightning rod. Despite not belonging or having a Shinigami Rank in Gotei 13, Maki was nearly a captain-level fighter. This is proven when he fights on equal footing with Ichigo Kurosaki or when he crosses swords with Toshiro Hitsugaya; neither him or Maki were able to push each other back. Zanpakuto Nijigasumi (虹�霧), literally "Rainbow Mist." Shikai Command: "Shine brightly, Nijigasumi!" ("Flash and Burst, Nijigasumi!" in English dubs) Shikai Special Ability: Nijigasumi's ability is to control light and create illusions, such as making Maki invisible. It can also use light offensively, creating blades of light to cut an opponent, turning the field completely white and attacking his enemies with shadows, or even fight if the blade is broken while light completely covers it. It can also compress light and use it to crush an opponent in its "Saigyoku Nijigasumi" (Swallowing Orb of Rainbow Mist) form.