Maki Itokazu


Kio's teacher, club manager, and leader of the Japan branch of the "Beautiful Contact" secret society. Due to the fact Eris doesn't have what she believes to be stereotypical alien traits (tentacles, green skin, etc), she firmly believes that Eris, despite the obvious, should not be allowed to be mankind's first "official" alien contact. Though her group attempts to force Eris to leave Earth, A third party beats them to Eris, forcing her to help Kio rescue her under threat of having their identities revealed. She spends a lot of her time chaperoning Kio and his sci-fi movie club, all the while complaining about the Catian's near human appearance. When Kio and co. head to space to save the Catian mothership, Itokazu stays behind, disguised as Eris (badly at that), to make hostile forces think Kio and Eris are still in the Catian Embassy.