Makie Sasaki

佐々木 まき絵

Also Known As:

  • Baka Pink
  • Maki-chan

Seat Number: 16 Born on: 7th of March, 1989 Blood Type: O Hair: Light Pink Eyes: Green Likes: gymnastics, Negi-kun, cute things Dislikes: slimy things, stuff Like nattou (nattou is essentially fermented beans) Clubs: Gymnastics Club Makie is a cheerful girl who likes gymnastics. She's very friendly and outgoing, but not very smart: she's one of the Baka Rangers (a name given to the five worst students in Negi's class), Baka Pink. A minor character in the beginning of the series, Makie's role is slightly expanded on later on in the manga, where she finds herself having a small crush on Negi later in the series (mainly more so in her finding him cute than an actual crush). Despite her constant being around her teacher, though, she is unaware that he's a mage. In the Negima!? anime series her character is quite different. Although still cheerful and kind, she's now a form of comic relief; she's often made fun of and mocked by her roommate Ayaka. Despite this, though, the two get along somewhat well, sharing a dorm together even.