Makiko Nagi

A demon exorcist and Souichiro's mother. In the past, she was a test subject for Souhaku's experiment, who she claimed was her husband. During the experiment, she absorbed all the founding families' unique powers, except the Natsume's dragon eyes. Her body was deemed to weak for Souhaku's true goal and in order for the experiment to not be a total loss for him, he had all the information of all the powers she absorbed moved into her eye. He then proceeded to remove her left eye in which he had it transplanted into Tetsuhito, giving him the powers. Souhaku is also the one that took her left arm. Afterwards, she tried to raise Souichiro to be normal, all the while, she kept on doing her duties as an exorcist. When Souichiro was accepted into Todo Academy, she weeps for what's to come, because more than likely, the resonance effect would awaken his powers. When Souichiro and Aya's powers started to awaken, she got some of the former family heads to train and coach them. She has also been watching over them with one of her powers, which is one of the reasons she knew Souichiro's dragon would go out of control during his fight with Mataza. She was able arrive in time to absorb his dragon spirit before it ripped him apart; however, this proved too much for her, causing her to lose her remaining arm. She was recovering from injures with Yorihira in a remote hut in the mountains, but has since returned and is learning to use her robotic arms from Jushi. (Source: Wikipedia)